The Keyboard Warrior Fucker

In Pronoia by Gerald Koh

Are you:
Bothered by how $50k only gets you the right to drive a car?
Chained by the lack of work-life balance?
Disgruntled with the rising price of alcohol and tobacco?
Enraged with how unjustly the deaths of young men are treated?
Frustrated that there are sometimes disruptions to the train service?
Grasping for the fastest way to financial freedom?
Hoping for more zeroes in your account balance?
Irritated that your colleagues are foreigners on work permits?
Jilted by your significant other for an angmoh?
Keeping fit so you can look like that person on Instagram, but to no avail?
Longing for the day you move your life out of Singapore?
Maddened with how bak chor mee is no longer $2.50?
Nauseated by the salaries paid to ministers and members of Parliament?
Of the opinion that Singapore’s problems will lessen with the opposition in power?
Paranoid about the job market with the growing population?
Quickly getting jaded with the number of problems Singapore has?
Reading this because you identify with what it says?


There is an answer to all your problems:
Under the effort you put towards finding your pot of gold instead of expecting that a white-uniformed leprechaun will deliver it to you because you make how-the-government-sucks posts on social media.

About the Author
Gerald Koh

Gerald Koh

Gerald is an expert dilettante. He used to play in a band, run a recording studio, write about local sports, sell self-designed t-shirts and teach kids to fight fire and save lives. His latest sinking ship is proving he is not good enough for law school.

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