Metanoia in sacred sound – Part 3 of 3

In Psyence by Debbie Chia

The writer attended a 9-day sacred sound healing course in Colorado, USA. Some names have been altered. This is part 3 of a series of 3.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.William Shakespeare

It seems strange to begin this post with a William Shakespeare quote. Not Rumi, not Sadhguru nor any of the other enlightened gurus that now seem to populate my newsfeed.

What I am writing now is a second version of my original article. It is a deeply self-aware exercise that I am performing with windows open to Derrida and Lacan. I guess anyone reading this article would be keen to find out the overall conclusion of my entire Colorado experience. And in the first version, I did offer one — in a neatly packaged report which rounded up both the good and bad with accompanying fancy words and analogies that proved how good I was in the language.

Yet, I hesitated to publish that. And in some parallel universe, perhaps that version has been published and is creating its own ripples in consciousness just as this article might do in this universe. For some reason or feeling I could not quite put my finger on, that summarily and well-rounded conclusion did not sit well with me. For one, it reminded me of my old self. It reminded me of someone so caged by mental chatter than it had become a form of hypnosis, of which I was slave to. It reminded me of someone who abused the constructions of language to bend realities in her favour and more. All of which I am no longer interested in being.

I am sorry-not-sorry that I am providing this cop-out testimonial instead of a journalistic run-down ending in self-satisfying smirk.

Aura photo before and after

The first on the left was taken over 2 years ago and the right was taken recently. I prefer the one before.

Over the days between the previous post and this, I tethered in transition. I was slowly but surely being swallowed back into what I call the matrix. Conceptions, misconceptions. Illusions and disillusions. It is a mad world we live in, where the most certain are quite certainly the most mad.

Yesterday, I received a friendly and unexpected visitor at my home who in so many words, advised me to keep my experience to myself. He was speaking from experience and I had no reason to doubt him. I also knew that what he said was true. To borrow loosely from Baudrillard: “The moment they classify something it is dead. Dead in one world but alive in the other one populated by symbols.”

I am choosing to stay in one of these worlds.

Chaka reading compare and contrast

My chakra reading (above) as compared to my friend’s (below), who also has many more years of experience in healing.

In Colorado, I swam in metaphysical waters, hiked on existential grounds. I experienced wondrous highs and fearful lows. And while I was able to find my way back home, I realise that not everyone is so lucky to have a homing signal. The foundations of this world is built on the core unit of the family — where there must be shelter, safety and love.

In my old post, and my old self, I was contented to end the piece as a child. Albeit a bigger child, now living in a bigger world from what she had witnessed. In this post, I have decided to let her and her perspective go. The world has not changed, only I. And I hope that you’re with me when I say it’s for the better.

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