10 things I don’t know about 10 things

In Consciousness by Gerald Koh


1 Why the weirdest thing EVER is only a dancing Steve Ballmer


2 Why there are only 2 things a girl should be


3 How there are 3 things about success that everyone doesn’t already know about if it’s the truth


4 Why there are 4 things I should do when I spot something in my food instead of just telling the waiter and leaving the joint


5 How there are 5 things about Singapore that every Singaporean doesn’t already understand


6 Why there are 6 things bridesmaids in Singapore absolutely hate to do but still do


7 Why there are 7 things I probably need to know about your vagina


8 How there are 8 things that people still do to believe what’s written on the Internet even in 2015


9 Why there are 9 things that I must learn from a psychologist’s patients to succeed in love and life


10 Whether you know that there are 20 things on this list of 10 things


Featured Image Credit: James Shade

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Gerald Koh

Gerald Koh

Gerald is an expert dilettante. He used to play in a band, run a recording studio, write about local sports, sell self-designed t-shirts and teach kids to fight fire and save lives. His latest sinking ship is proving he is not good enough for law school.

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