How To Protect Yourself From Self-Empowerment

In Consciousness, Pronoia by Nick Chan

Endowed with the Negative-Gnosis, here are some things I’ve learned from being faced by New Agers and too many people with apparently ‘good intentions’… and on occasion getting to see where that can lead.

The most powerful weapon you can have for/against anyone, is an awareness of your own ignorance.
Being Right is overrated. Being Wrong is overrated. Empathy is in short supply.
Sometimes the biggest payoff lies not in asserting one’s Right-ness or admitting one’s Wrongness, but rather quieting oneself enough to listen, truly listen, to what another has to say.
Relate to where they’re coming from, there’s far greater value in that than being Right/Wrong.
Find things worth believing in and/or fighting for. Join in with others in a worthy struggle.
But disengage and separate yourself from them just as often. Misery may love company, but the need-for-validation loves it more, and this need fosters righteous groupthink.
Be wary of anyone who says “I have no ego”. (Why would anyone ever say this?)
What’s really being said is “I have a highly developed Persona, which I can control and allows me to navigate various interactions better than the average person, often to my advantage”.
Check to see if it’s said with any Pride, as the presence of Pride+”i have no Ego” is a sure indicator they will use their Persona to manipulate if ever necessary.
Be wary of people who say “I have enough, I don’t need anything more”, or who preach “non-attachment” or “relinquishing desires”.
They mean well. What they say seems ‘correct’. But what manner do they say it in? Pay attention to that.
Is it a manner borne of inner peace and acceptance of you, or do they seem insistent on the ‘rightness’ of their approach, often talking ‘at you’ rather than ‘to you’?
If the former, treasure them.
If the latter, be patient with them. They’ve yet to realize that ‘relinquishing ego/desires’ stems directly from ‘a desire of the ego itself’. A paradox they will continually trip over.
Relinquishing the ego is a matter of Flow, not insistence. A process, not a destination.
More like a meandering river, rather than a dog chasing it’s own tail.
Flattery is the most basic form of hypnosis. Being overly nice too.
Avoid being hypnotized, if only to properly thank those who are actually being real with you.
Under hypnosis, all the thanks coming out of your mouth approximates false modesty.
Because the world really is out to help you. If you find this untrue, then you’re probably not making it work correctly.
One should always attempt the impossible.


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