Saturn is in Uranus

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All puns intended.

I’m not zealous with horoscopes but I do have a healthy admiration for star signs. Admiration to the extent that horoscopes have made ordinary people, without any background or study in astrology, fervent believers that the stars hold the answers to the universe. It usually happens like this. Most people, after reading the personality descriptions of their sign, end up nodding their heads slowly and reaching for the link that reads ‘what this year holds in store for THIS sign’, while hoping no one notices that they are reading their horoscope. If, and when, the contents in that link match your expectations for the year, you’re hooked! Which is exactly what happened to me about 15 minutes ago, until I realised for the Xth time, why my admiration can’t turn into belief.

I don’t feel like I have to explain much more than lifting a few choice lines, out of context of course, from the 2015 predictions for my sign.

‘Neptune remains in your love sector all year’. ‘Uranus remains in your work sector in 2015… feeling like you should be doing something different, new, exciting’. ‘Jupiter is in Leo’. ‘Saturn enters Sagittarius’.

Here’s the kicker. ‘Saturn has been in Scorpio for the last couple of years, and you’re ready for it to be done, aren’t you?’


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